Lunare Tea Recipes

If you have no idea what butterfly pea flower is, then you are in for a treat! This unique flower and its intense and mesmerizing deep blue color make it а must try for all tea lovers.

Its unique blue color is so captivating and the light and refreshing taste only add to its appeal. The best part? Apart from its cute name, the butterfly pea flower has magical color-changing abilities. When you steep the tea longer, it becomes a deep indigo color.

If you steep it for a shorter time, it will be a translucent powder blue shade. And, if you add lemon to your butterfly pea flower tea, it will transform the beverage into a striking fuchsia shade just like magic!

But, apart from that, this tea carries amazing benefits for your health and wellbeing like vivid dreams, enhanced memory, and improved brain function. This flower is also amazing as a hair and skin treatment. So, if you want to know more about this trendy blue drink, check these recipes:



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