We're Brewing Magic

Our Goal

Lunare Tea’s mission is to turn teatime into a magical, spiritual, healing ritual whichc onnects and empowers women.

Lunare Tea will share tea spells, magical practices, and knowledge of tasseography (tea leaf reading) with our followers and fellow tea fanatics. With a host of further teas and products set to launch, we’d love you to keep in touch.

At Lunare Tea we don’t believe in just ‘making tea’, at tea-time we ‘brew magic’, Spread magic, one cup at a time. At Lunare Tea we see the magic in tea. Our vision is to turn daily tea into a delicious, healthy, ritual of mindfulness.


Behind Lunare Tea

Lunare Tea's journey began in 2020 when founder Lauren Kay found herself unexpectedly forced out of work by the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Being a professional makeup artist wasnt a great horse to bet on and during lock downs. She took the opportunity to put her creativity into her love of Tea and share the magic she found in Tea and Tea Rituals.

"Tea had always been a love of mine. Not just the flavours but the ritual of tea making and practicing tea ceremonies"

An early memory for me is my grandma saying "don't throw that away I need to read your tea leaves!" At the sight of a drunken tea. 
"Read tea, you can see a fortune in a tea cup?" I remember thinking and being dazzled by this prospect. This is when I first started to see tea as magical.
Through tasseomancy, tea magic and tea ritual-I like my tea with a slice of wonder and that's what Lunare Tea aims to bring to every cup. 

We are proud to bring luxury, traditions, and magic back to tea.


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