Lunare tea is made of the finest grade A , Butterfly Pea Tea , Blue Tea ,  Nam Dok Achan , Clitoria Ternate , Bluebell Vine Tea

The Benefits of Lunare Blue Brew

The list of benefits of Lunare Tea goes on and on –

is it high on antioxidants? Yes, it is.

Can it create shiny hair? Yes, it can. The benefits are vast.

So, not only can the tea change colour, it can also help with gut health and provide a relaxing energy. We would recommend switching up your regular brewing activity for some Blue Tea and watch the magic unfold over time.


Lunare blue tea is an incredible health and beauty tea. Known for its ability to improve hair health and appearance .

But what exactly is our Blue Tea?

Known widely as Butterfly blue-pea tea, it  has been around for centuries and comes from the Clitoria ternatea plant which originates from South East Asia. Even though it’s been around for many (many) moons, Blue Tea has only recently taken centre stage due to its endless health benefits, and the fact it’s caffeine-free which is a benefit nowadays caffeine can play a part in increased anxiety, therefor with the stressful times we’re living in Lunare Tea's ability to help focus the mind without stimulants like caffeine is a big plus.


Lunare butterfly pea Bluebellvine tea and tea magick infuser ball

What are the health benefits of Blue Tea?

The benefits can differ from drinker to drinker, but recent studies and reports have shown that Blue Tea has been known to hold the following qualities:

  • High in Anti-Oxidants which protect your cells from free radicals 
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Nootropic- Can help combat anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Hair Health – can combat hair loss, increase growth, strength and prevent greying
  • All Natural Elements
  • Caffeine Free
  • Thermogenic- can aid weight loss through metabolic stimulation
  • Eye Health - Proanthocyanidin found in Lunare Tea is responsible for increasing blood flow to the eyes and can increase the overall health of eyes
  • Sexual enhancer- traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, particularly for women and used to treat problems with menstruation as well. 
  •  Diuretic- helps to flush out water and aid water bloating/retention

    Prolonged drinking of Lunare Blue Tea also has weight-loss benefits  AND has anti-aging properties. As with most products, this is not a miracle or quick fix, effects aren’t guaranteed and Lunare Tea must be combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime to fully feel these benefits.

    How does it change colour?

    Blue Bellvine tea gains its distinctive tone from the deep blue colour of the butterfly blue-pea flower’s petals, and can be used as a dye in both hot and cold beverages too – you can even use it to colour food dishes. Just add a twist of lemon or lime and watch the magic happen.


    Lunare butterfly pea blue tea

    So, if you want to get your hands on the tea everyone’s talking about and benefit from all the health and wellness qualities the tea holds, please join our Lunare Coven!

    We look forward to seeing you there.

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