The Beauty Benefits Of Lunare Tea

The Beauty Benefits Of Lunare Tea

As well as it’s mystical colour-change and alluring flavour, Lunare Tea is a powerful Beauty Potion✨💫⭐️✨💫

Best known in areas of Asia for promoting beautiful hair. Lunare Blue Tea is high in Anthocyanin which increases blood flow to your scalp. Strengthening hair follicles from within.

Regular drinking may help stave off premature greying and male pattern baldness.

Lunare Tea wards off ageing by utilising its natural anti-glycation properties. Keeping skin youthfully glowing!

Flavonoids found in Lunare Blue Tea are shown to stimulate collagen increasing skin elasticity. One such flavonoid found in blue tea is Quercetin, which strengthens hair and skin cells, and retains hydration of skin cells.

A compound in Lunare Tea, the catechin EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, speeds the calorie-burning process by boosting the metabolism.

This tea can aid weightloss when incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Antioxidants found in Blue Tea have shown anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties which help detoxify the body and shed water weight accumulated due to water retention.

Blue Tea has also even been known to have calming and anti-ageing effects when applied to the skin and makes a great addition to baths and facials spritz’s.

Lunare Tea is both beautiful and beautifying, sip your way to a natural healthy glow.


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