Tea Ritual For Well-Being And Self Care

Tea Ritual For Well-Being And Self Care

For me, tea rituals provide comfort in a recently volatile world.
Ancient in tradition.

Many remember our grandmother or a wise Aunt's tea rituals fondly. Whistling kettles, nostalgic aromas of home baked cakes and the subtle scent of tea, offering a sense of belonging and stability.

Tea rituals encourage healthy self-care and self-love. Tea rituals invite us to remove ourselves from the ordinary treadmill and hectic cycle of life and to set aside time to remind ourselves of what we have achieved and that we are deserving of. 
Tea rituals create a moment of grounding gratitude of presence.

A time to set intentions to create distinctions between what we are thinking and how we are feeling, and to process both.

Tea rituals encourage present, connection with yourself and with others. A pot of tea is an ideal wholesome, connecting, social moment. Which is why this is tradition popular in Britain and many other countries and cultures.

Tea rituals turn something small, overlooked and everyday into a form of communion with yourself. 
Intention, reflection and mindfulness can be brought about by creating the right setting and experience of the tea ritual.

Take a moment for yourself, every single day

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