Start Your Day With A Tea Ritual

Start Your Day With A Tea Ritual

Why not start the day with a beautiful Tea Ritual ?

💫✨ Setting intentions for your day over a cup of magic!💫✨

Water is life force energy. The incredible research of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto indicates that not only does water store information, but also that human consciousness can affect water’s molecular structure.

Therefore what is better than water to set and hold your daily intentions?
Sealing your practice by literally consuming your affirmations and intentions.

Starting every day with at least 15 minutes to ground yourself. Becoming clear, present and focused can make a monumental difference over time.

I use Lunare’s Blue Tea, as it’s healing, calming and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine thought to open the mind as a brain tonic and memory enhancer.

For your ritual:
  1. Create a clearing. A quiet, comfortable space where you can focus.
  2. Prepare your tea mindfully. As the water pours over your tea release yourself from any distractions, negativity and let go. Commit to yourself, to focus and to presence.
  3. Sit quietly in your clear space with your tea and create inner peace.
  4. As it cool focus on your intentions for your day. For example your intention could be to be your most productive self- Imagine how you would look accomplished at the end of your day.
  5. Imagine the feeling you would get once accomplishing your desired intention.
  6. Imagine how you would look accomplishing your intention.
  7. How would you hold yourself? Would you sit a little taller, put the feeling of accomplishing your intention into your face let go of any resistance and stress, smile.
  8. Do this until the water is cool enough, now drink. Your intention for the day is in you now.
  9. You are magical, the day is yours💜
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