Keeping A Healthy Mind

What is your top tip for keeping a healthy, stress-free, mind?
Since early last year we have all been navigating our way through unprecedented events.
A healthy mind has never been more important. This is a lesson learnt- parts of the last 18 months got me unexpectedly and anxiety pushed me to make more time for fun and myself, to set healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life and to rethink habits including my diet.
At the start of this year I had some personal stresses as well as the obvious ones were all going through and not taking care of myself amounted in the worst anxiety of my life!
Thankfully I feel amazing now but creating an upward spiral out of stress takes a game plan.
I gave up caffeine and fully immersed myself in the calming nootropic effects of our blue tea because my chest was palpitating with stress and I was sleeping horrendously! Since I’ve also been creating my own meditative rituals which have been game changing. I’ve been practicing yoga and love the release it offers in both body and mind.
What are your daily hacks for a healthy body and mind?

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