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Introducing Lunare Tea

By adding just a little lemon juice to Lunare Tea (a loose leaf blend of the finest bluebellvine flowers we can find) you will transform it from majestic blue to a bright and mystical purple.


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Loved the Packaging and the Kids loved the color changing tea. 

Maria from North London

Really liked the product and will order again soon. Can't wait to try the "Green Witch"!!!

Sue from Dorset

This tea has been life changing for me. It has really helped with my mind, it makes me think clearer which means I have not had any anxiety since drinking this tea and have had so much more energy. I look forward to my next cup as soon as I have finished one.. 100% recommend this for not just taste but makes me feel healthier mentally as well as physically. why did I only just discover this. Absolutely Love Lunare Tea.

Amanda from Welling

LOVE THE TEA! I drink it every night to calm my mind, makes me feel great.

Laura from Redbridge

I love my Lunare Tea! The tea tastes really great and I noticed it helps me sleep better and gets rid of bloating. I also love that it changes colour, it looks so cool, it’s a great party trick 😍😃

Agathe, London