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Introducing Lunare Tea

By adding a little lemon juice to Lunare Tea Blue Brew (our grade A, loose leaf bluebellvine flowers, Blue Tea) it transforms from majestic blue to a bright and mystical purple.

A Healing potion

Tea Is A Potion

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Our Customers

Lunare Tea are best to use for those who are into fitness especially yoga, values health, organic tea lover, likes to eat and cook healthy foods or vegan, loves to read books to gain mindfulness, into art and aesthetics.

Whether it’s through our fine loose leaf teas or mystical tea ware, Lunare Tea adds wonder, imagination, colour, and magic to every brew.

Our Story

Lunare Tea was born during and as a product of the uncertainty caused by the unexpected events of 2020. As a way of stirring some well needed magic and mindfulness into daily Tea Rituals.

Through both our fine loose leaf teas or mystical teaware. Lunare Tea adds mesmerising wonder, imagination, colour and flavour to your daily brew.